(White) Mulled Wine | The Secret of ...

(White) Mulled Wine | The Secret of ...

Wherever we go, our (white) mulled wine is always sold out... what's the secret?

Mulled Wine | The Secret of ... (White or Red)

Fine food and drinks are the sum of fine ingredients. Wintertime is definitely a time for mulled wine, especially when temperature drops under 10 degrees Celsius or less...

Please (yes it's a plee ;-) ...don't buy 'cheap' wine to prepare your mulled wine and definitely don't buy the prepared stuff in the supermarket it will give you more than a head ache after 2 cups!


On numerous occasions we where successful with our recipe, and we learned from the best! 

So all the more reason to share our recipe and the little secrets.


We highly recommend to start the day before!


The ingredients for 1.5 liters of Mulled wine

2 bottles of good red or white wine. Ze prefer white.

2 to 3 table spoons of honey

3 to 4 saffron treats (leave them overnight in 100 ml of the selected wine)

1 cinnamon stick

4 - 6 cloves

2-4 peppercorns

1 bay leaf

100 gr of raisins

Optional @ your own taste

1/2 cup of port (use white when you make white mulled whine).

1/2 cup of blackcurrant syrup 

100 gr of chopped almonds

Orange zeste

1 orange sliced and diced 

Add sugar to your own taste 

We can highly recommend the Casual Red or Casual White from Michael Opitz or the Gruner Veltliner Fio of Harmwein


Warm the wine with the ingredients to 65 degrees Celcius. Turn off the heat and let it cool down again overnight.

The next day, add the oranges and zest and warm again but stay below 80 degrees Celcius. 

Add the wine with the saffron threats mix well.

Let your guests add sugar or extra honey to their own taste. 



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